Indian Railways Ticket Abbreviations Explained

Examining the ticket status has become so simple due to the launch of various online portals but still some people got stuck as they do not understand the several abbreviated term mentioned in the ticket. There exists a generous bunch of folks who check the status of their reservation using the assigned PNR number but fail to understand what does that page is intending to tell them. Launch of online portal and mobile apps revolutionized the way people track their pnr status, these invention made it so easy that people can check their ongoing status from anywhere, anytime and using any device that has internet connectivity. The process of checking Railway PNR Status of the Ticket has become simple however still people struggle much to understand the details of it. Some abbreviations cited below will assist you to comprehend the status of your ticket.

CAN/MOD: If this abbreviation will appear on your screen while checking the ticket PNR status then you gotta understand that your ticket has been cancelled and you are no longer allowed to travel with that ticket.

CNF: If you see this abbreviation while checking the status of the ticket; this implies that your seat is confirmed and you are no longer among WL/RAC list. Mostly coach and seat number allocated to the passenger but in some case like when waiting list or RAC ticket gets confirmed, in that case you will get your coach no. along with the seat number after chart preparation. While boarding if you couldn't find your seat then just need to have a word with the T.C.(ticket collector).

RAC: RAC is an abbreviation of “Reservation Against Cancellation”. This means your seat hasn't confirmed yet but you'll be having sitting facility in class of your liking. However the good part is that you can travel along with your co-passenger by sharing 1 seat in two side chairs. Due to very last minute of cancellation of the tickets on his travel date, RAC passenger may get the confirm seat.

WL: WL is an abbreviation of "Waiting List". This means your seat is not confirmed and don't have any seating arrangement. In case, RAC ticket holder cancels his railway ticket then it may be possible that waiting list holder might get the confirm seat. After a determined number of requests, the railway officials decides to do not accept further requests and responds with REGRET status. After a determined number of requests, the railway authority decide to completely not accept any further requests and respond with REGRET status. If you see this message while checking the seat availability, this means you are not allowed to book WL ticket.

RAC/WL: These railway tickets has 2 numbers: e.g. WL45/WL40, WL10/RAC5. The first number shows the status when you have bought your ticket whereas second number shows the current status. WL45/WL40 implies that when you have booked the ticket you were on 45 and due to 5 cancellation your status slide down to 40.

CK: This symbol shows that you have reserved your ticket through Tatkal quota. According to Indian railways rule, you can book the railway ticket from the counter 24 hours before the date of journey.

CKWL: This abbreviation shows that your ticket is on tatkal waiting list. The major advantage of having tatkal waiting ticket is that it directly gets confirmed on the contrary general WL enters in the RAC.

PQWL: This symbol shows that your ticket is under Pooled Quota Waiting List. You will see this abbreviation only if have booked your ticket from railway reservation quota.

GNWL: This symbol refers to general waiting list. You cannot travel in the sleeper or any other class with ticket showing such kind of status. It may be possible that you might have to travel in general compartment.

REGRET/WL: This abbreviation shows that you are not allowed to book WL ticket. Basically, you will see this kind of status when booking waiting list ticket.