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Previously it was quite hard when we think about checking Indian Railways or IRCTC PNR Status. We used to go manually on Railway station to know the updated status of our ticket. But now, PNR Number and a mouse click, there you go. You can do it from anywhere whether it's your home or office, all you need to have a device with good internet connection. All this became possible only because of technological innovation. It's quite handy, just enter your 10 digit PNR Number in the given box and hit the "Get PNR Status" button. Within a span of time your status will display on your desktop screen. Passengers from several Railway zones including Southern, Northern, Western and Central can track the status of their reservation using this intuitive interface.
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What is PNR Number?

Passenger Name Record or PNR Number is a unique ten digit number assigned to every passenger who purchased the ticket either online or at Railways reservation counter. You can see this number printed on the top left corner of your booked ticket. This number is very important as it retains the whole information regarding the concerned train/person. Passenger can track the booking status of their reserved ticket using this number. It will help you out in case you lost your ticket, so don't forget to keep it in written. When T.C. (Ticket Collector) ask for ticket just show him the pnr no., he will tally it with his railway chart; if match found then he will allow you to sit on your allotted seat.

Methods to Check Railway PNR Status:

There are several ways through which passengers can check pnr status of their booked ticket. Below, I am going to illustrate few best suited methods that will help you to get to know the ongoing status of your ticket.

Check Train PNR Status Online:

According to me, this is the simplest method. All you need to do is enter your 10 digit PNR Number in the box above and click on “Get PNR Status” button. Within few seconds your current railway PNR Status will be displayed on your computer screen.

IRCTC PNR Status Enquiry through SMS:

Like phone call, texting is also becoming a reliable sources of communication. Many among us preferred texting rather than calling. Keeping in mind the increased use of text messaging Indian railways has also decided to offer IRCTC PNR Status Enquiry via SMS. So, now you have another easiest option to track your ticket status, isn't it great? Below, I've mentioned the four numbers using which you can know the ongoing status of your ticket.
  • Type PNR < Your ten digit PNR Number> and send SMS to either 54959, 139, 5676747 or 57886.
  • For example: PNR 6322625914

Rail PNR Enquiry using Phone call:

In order to know your ticket status, just dial 139 from your landline or mobile phone and follow the instruction given the IVR system. Follow the command carefully, it will surely help out.

PNR Enquiry through Mobile Applications:

We all know that nowadays most of us preferred to use multitasking Smartphone rather than a simple mobile phone. You know why, because it has various features that normal phone doesn’t. You can find various useful apps that can enhance your real time experience. Like various other apps, you will also find apps that let you check reservation Status from your Smartphone only. This app is available for your iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Smartphone. You can get these apps in Apple iTunes, Google Play, Windows Apps and Ovi Store.

PNR Enquiry on Railway Counter:

If you are not pleased with any of the above mentioned ways, no matter why then you can go through the traditional way of enquiry. To do so, go to your nearby railway station there you find number of machines placed around the reservation counter let you know your Ticket Status in a matter of time.
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